Selected MFA Thesis Projects


Stills from MFA Thesis Projects


Links to Time-Based Works and Installation Documentation

Hui-Kai Su, Evanish (2016)

Tianyu Chen: Camera (2015)

Yufeng Li: You Are Not Alone (2015)

Dafang Chen: Fare Share (2015)

Catherine Feng: Scent of Love (2015)

Pedro Atienzar: Umbra (2014)

Olivia Xu: Millie (2014)

Thierry Gourjor: Fictional Universe (2013)

Ben Fino-Radin: A Series of Things (2013)

Chi-Chang Chu: The Sixth Leaf (2013)

Huan Shen: The Rhythm of Life (2013)

Loreto Riveros: Jacundo (2013)

Lorena Kraus: Light Transfix (2012)

Joohee Park: To See To Be Seen (2012)

Jung Yuen: My Knitted Bag (2010)

George Smaragdis: Scrimshander (2009)

Naotaka Minami: Reminiscence (2009)

Alek Vacura: Without Arms (2009)

Chris Waner: A Shell Short (2008)

Paris Mavroidis: Divers (2008) 

Sharon Bone: The Albaglings (2008)

Liz Van Verth: Par Avion (2007)