Presentation Notes Spring 2015

Spring Term 2015
DDA643 Animation Studio Presentation Notes

Student name: Anastasia Mouyis
Topic: New Media Art // Web Art -- A New Form of Experimental Animation
Presentation Summary: New media artists incorporate all that digital media has to offer, exploring the possibilities of code/browser based work, experimenting with interactivity, sound design, and real time animation. I see a clear connection between early experimental animators and these new media artists. Taking their craft and pushing the technique without a concrete vision of the outcome. Embracing the rough unpolished beauty of their technical process.
Key Words and Art/ists Links: Vince MckelvieAdam FerrissAndrew BensonNick Briz.

Student name: Litian Ji (Ace)
Topic: Videogames in Animation
Presentation Summary: Questioning what role do videogames play in contemporary animation outside of the mainstream.
Key Words and Art/ists Links: Gaming, hacking, appropriation, re-mediation, She Puppet (Peggy Awesh), Super Mario Clouds (Cory Arcangel), JODIA Man Digging (Jon Rafman), Tabor RobakStranger Comes to Town (Kackie Goss), Long March: Restart (Mengbo Feng).

Student name: Songyang Li (Frank)
Topic: Corrupted Motion
Presentation Summary: I will discuss the artist Ian Cheng and show three of his representative artworks and explain the concepts and ideas behind his artworks. I will follow up with my personal response. One is the comparison between his artwork and mainstream animation. Another is my own comments.
Key Words and Art/ists Links: Ian Cheng, cognitive, nonlinear, mutation, mental model, causation, interactions, reactions, motion capture, infinite, unpredictable, mainstream animation, symbol, language, aesthetic. Entropy WranglerThousand Island Thousand LawsLiar ”Brats”.

Student name: Khairui Rahimi
Topic: Surreally Gross Animation
Presentation Summary: A discussion about what "surreally gross animation" means. And whether or not it's part of mainstream animation.
Key Words and Art/ists Links: David FirthCyriakBaaTHESE Bandages Festival, 90's Popular Surreally Gross animations: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, The Ren and Stimpy Show, Cat Dog; Newer Surreally Gross animations: Rick and Morty, The ABC's of Death: T is for Toilet; Real Life Inspirations: Growing ears on rats

Student name: Sean Ye
Topic: Cartune Xprez
Presentation Summary: How curating projects like Cartune Xprez allow exposure for independent artists regardless of generation, and how communities can be created through these collections. 
Key Words and Art/ists Links: Peter Burr, DIY, multimedia, The Collagist ( Amy Lockhart), Tugging the Worm (James Duesing), The Comic That Frenches Your Mind (Bruce Bickford), 

Student name: Qing Zheng (Hazel)
Topic: Metachaos
Presentation Summary: I’d like to introduce the chaos theory behind "Metachaos" and how artists visualize the theory with space, geometry and irrational gesture and action of the bodies.
Key Words and Art/ists Links: Allesandro BavariMetachaos, human body, ego, chaos, geometry, 

Student name: Hui-Kai Su
Topic: When Virtual Arts Collide / Digital Technics
Presentation: SummaryHow to use digital technics such as 3D, particle system, and web design likes fine art in commercial projects? This video shows that how they convey a story about finding a way between lovers through the conflict to become even stronger partners once again. 
Key Words and Art/ists Links: OFFFSkazkaSkazka InteractiveRama Allen (director)

Student name: Nan Zhang (Serena)
Topic: Unfolding and Infinity
Presentation Summary: An introduction to the artist Ben Ridgway's animation which combines mandalas and 3D technology. 
Key Words and Art/ists Links: Ben Ridgway, 3D animation, mandala, oceanic motifs, infinity, experimental animation.